About us

Our Mission

Super simple:

  • Ethically source the BEST Green Beans from around the world.
  • Blend and Roast locally under the direction of Scottie Callaghan (2006 World Latte Art Champion, 2007 & 2010 Australian Barista Champion)
  • Give the profits away to support best practice global work amongst the least reached and most marginalised people groups on the planet.

Everybody wins.

Our Story

SOLTURA SPECIALTY COFFEE started in 2012 by two good mates – Chris & Andrew.

We (Chris and Andrew) share a few things in common—we love sport, we love our families, we love wine, we LOVE our coffee, and we are completely committed to playing a part in a world where everyone gets a fair go.

When you add it all up we’ve been working for more than 30 years with various Not–for–Profit and church organisations. We’ve seen first–hand the struggles associated with successfully running an organisation on a tight budget while holding fast to strong ethics and values. It’s a tough market out there!

Because of our shared passions we discovered that we had established strong relationships at the highest level of the Australian Coffee industry, and also in the NFP sector, especially with organisations that work to assist communities in remote parts of the world, including communities who rely entirely on coffee farming to feed their families and support their villages.

We were struck with an idea: we could give back at both ends of the coffee process. We could support great coffee farmers and their families, and we could give the profits away to organisations that work globally with developing communities. It was so simple that it stunned us, but we couldn’t do it without the right relationships! We had the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, but we needed to put them all together.

Working with people like DEAN MORGAN (Multi award winning roaster and founder of Morgans Coffee Roasters) and SCOTTIE CALLAGHAN (2 time Australian Barista Champion & World Latte Art Champion) we began the process of setting up a specialty brand of coffee that, by managing the production and distribution, is able to provide the highest quality of commercially available beans, at a super competitive price, and flow the profits back to support the work of passionate and ethical organisations working in some of the most marginalised places on the planet.

So why name our coffee “Soltura”? The word soltura is Spanish for unchained; released; unrestrained… that is: freedom. And that’s what we’re on about. Real freedom: Freedom from oppression. Freedom from poverty. Freedom from fear. Freedom from hopelessness. Lofty dreams, eh?!

Fundamental to the whole idea is recognising that we are not the entire answer!!! But we can be part of a process (or chain) where everyone contributes. We let the amazing and skillful farmers do what they do best: grow great coffee! We let our incredible tasters, blenders and roasters do their thing, and we do our thing: By implementing a simple and conservative business plan, we are able to distribute the profits as donations back to partner organisations. Everybody wins. That’s starting to sound like freedom!

Buy some. It’s really good, and it’s cool to be part of the chain that helps communities get unchained!

Chris & Andrew